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Briefly About the History of Büyükada

The history of Büyükada dates back to the 6th century. At that time, a monastery was built on the island by the Byzantine Emperor. Afterwards, the island became a place of exile. Due to various reasons ranging from throne disputes to political disagreements, numerous princes and statesmen have been exiled to the island, hence the name Princes’ Island. Although there was a peace environment for a long time after the island came under Ottoman rule, it began to be used as a place of exile again after the dethronement of Sultan Abdulhamid II. In 1984, along with the first years of the Republic, the island was declared as a “protected area” and continues to bear the traces of history today.

Places to Visit in Büyükada

 Thanks to its nature and preservation of historical traces, Büyükada offers an experience where you will feel immersed in past eras while simultaneously filled with peace. If you would like to spend your weekend on this peaceful island, it is possible to explore Büyükada by renting a bicycle. By this way, you can explore the island and enjoy the nature and the scenery.

Hagia Yorgi Church and Hill: Hagia Yorgi Hill, which is the highest point of Büyükada, hosts a monastery and a church. You can visit the historical buildings and enjoy the unique view by climbing to the top of the hill.

Nizam Beach: Nizam Beach, which is an ideal place for swimming on Büyükada, stands out with its clean water and natural beauty. Here you can swim, sunbathe and do sea sports.

Büyükada Open Air Museum: This museum, where you can see the historical texture and architecture of the island, includes buildings and exhibitions from past eras. You can journey through the island’s past by seeing the historical structures.

Museum of the Princes’ Islands: This museum, which depicts the history and culture of Büyükada, provides visitors with in-depth information about the island’s past. The museum is located in an old Greek orphanage and offers detailed information about the island.

Prinkipo Greek Orphanage: As one of the largest and most impressive buildings on Büyükada, this orphanage has an impressive architecture in addition to being a historical building. Visitors can explore the island’s history more closely here.

Büyükada Pier and Beach: During your island tour, you can take a walk along Büyükada’s bustling pier, dine at seafood restaurants or explore the coastline by renting a bicycle or electric vehicles. This place is the heart of the island’s social life.

Ayios Dimitrios Church: The Church of Ayios Dimitrios, one of the oldest churches on Büyükada, has a history dating back to the Byzantine period and attracts attention with its architecture. By visiting inside of the church, you can get information about the historical and cultural details.

Hristos Monastery: Hristos Monastery, located on Büyükada, was built in 1857 and has an impressive architecture. Visitors can visit the interior of the monastery and spend time in a peaceful atmosphere. This is one of the important points where you can find peace during your visit to the island.

Sait Faik Abasiyanık Museum: Sait Faik Abasıyanık is one of the most important writers of Turkish literature and lived in Büyükada for a long time. The museum was restored as the house where the writer lived and wrote his works. Here you can find information about Sait Faik’s works, personal belongings and life.

Reşat Nuri Güntekin’s House: The house of the famous Turkish writer Reşat Nuri Güntekin, located on Büyükada, also attracts the attention of visitors. The restored version of the house serves as a museum presenting the life and works of the writer.

Greek Orphanage: One of Büyükada’s historical structures, the Greek Orphanage is now used as a Museum of the Islands. Built in 1903 for the children of the Greek community, this building hosts exhibitions about the history and culture of the island. The museum provides visitors with detailed information about the historical and cultural background of the island.

The Natural Beauties of the Island: Among the natural beauties of Büyükada there are places such as Hagia Yorgi Bay, Dilburnu Natural Park and Yücetepe. In these areas, you can take a walk, have a picnic and enjoy nature. These are ideal places to relax in the peaceful atmosphere of the island.

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