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We have selected 6 must-see museums in Beyoglu, which are quite rich in terms of history and culture. Here are the museums in Beyoglu you must see…

Beyoglu is also known for its museums… As the most vibrant district of Turkey, Beyoglu holds a very important place in our cultural history.

Atlas Cinema / Istanbul Cinema Museum

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Atlas Cinema, which shared the nostalgic scenes of Yesilcam movies with us and is full of many memories, has added a brand-new museum to the cultural and artistic life.

The first floor of the building had been converted into a theater hall (Kucuk Sahne – The Small Stage) in 1951 and had begun to stage its shows with the play named “Of Mice and Men” under the direction of Muhsin Ertugrul. The renewed Atlas 1948 has been renovated once again for theater and other performing arts on its 18×7 m stage with a technological design that will also allow digital arts to be performed.

Atlas Cinema has turned back in 2021 with its renovated design. With the restoration, the Istanbul Cinema Museum was also created following the renovation of the cinema. The museum, which can be visited with a single ticket, consists of three floors. While the first two floors serve as permanent museums, temporary exhibitions take place on the third floor. The wax sculptures in the museum provide visitors with an unforgettable feeling of nostalgia.

Address: Kuloglu, Istiklal Cd. Atlas Pasaji No: 131, 34433 Beyoglu / Istanbul

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The Museum of Innocence


It is a museum created by Nobel laureate Orhan Pamuk based on his work bearing the same name. The Museum of Innocence is the first museum created based on the fictional universe of a novel. It received Europe the Museum of the Year Award in 2014. Starting from the 1990s, Pamuk thought of the novel and the museum together from the very beginning. The novel, set between 1974 and the early 2000s, portrays life in Istanbul between 1950 and 2000 with flashbacks and memories through the lives of two families, one wealthy and the other one of the middle class.

In the museum, the things used, worn, heard, seen, collected and imagined by the protagonists of the novel are displayed in carefully arranged boxes and showcases.

There is no need to read the novel to enjoy the museum just as there is no need to visit the museum to enjoy the novel. But those who read the novel will better understand the various meanings of things in the museum, and those who visit the museum will also see many things they did not notice while reading the novel. The novel was published in 2008 and the museum opened in the spring of 2012.

Address: Firuzaga, Cukurcuma Caddesi, Dalgic Cikmazi, 2, 34425, Beyoglu, Istanbul, Turkey

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Pera Museum


The Pera Museum, which opened its doors in early June 2005, is the first step of a comprehensive cultural initiative that was realized by the Suna and Inan Kirac Foundation to provide culture and arts services in this exclusive part of the city. In this project, the building built in 1893 by architect Achille Manoussos in Tepebasi, which is one of the most popular neighborhoods of Istanbul, was completely renovated by architect M. Sinan Genim, and transformed into a modern equipped museum, then put into service.

Pera Museum, which shares “Orientalist Paintings”, “Anatolian Weights and Measures” and “Kutahya Tiles and Ceramics” collections of the Suna and Inan Kirac Foundation and the values represented by these collections with the public through exhibitions, publishing products, verbal events, film screenings, learning programs and scientific studies and which aims to pass them on to future generations, also hosts important names of the world art during its temporary exhibitions.

Address : Mesrutiyet Caddesi No:65 34430 Tepebasi – Beyoglu – Istanbul

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Museum of Illusions Istanbul

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Museum of Illusions in Taksim, Istanbul. This fascinating world of illusions that will delude your confidence in your senses, but will also surprise you by doing so, awaits you in Beyoglu, Istanbul. The Museum of Illusions is an impressive experience for children, parents and couples. Thanks to fun and awesome tricks that will teach you about vision, perception, the human brain and science, you will understand more easily why your eyes see what your brain cannot understand.

With its illusionary atmosphere and surprises in every room, the Museum of Illusions Istanbul, which stands out as one of the most extraordinary museums in the world, is open Sunday to Thursday from 11:00 to 20:00, Friday to Saturday from 11:00 to 21:00, and Sunday from 11:00 to 20:00!

Address: Narmanli Han Istiklal Cd. No: 180 34421, Beyoglu / Istanbul Turkey

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Taksim Cumhuriyet Art Gallery

Taksim Cumhuriyet Art Gallery, a magnificent historical building and a very functional exhibition hall draws attention with its historical significance as a 277-year-old building with an area of one thousand square meters. The venue, restored by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and opened in 2008 under the name Taksim Cumhuriyet Art Gallery, draws attention with its magnificent exhibitions.

Address: Kocatepe Mah. Istiklal Cd. No: 2, Beyoglu

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Istanbul Modern

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Istanbul Museum of Modern Art organizes modern and contemporary art exhibitions from Turkey and around the world with an innovative and interdisciplinary approach in its permanent and temporary exhibition areas.

The collection exhibitions make the continuity and interaction between Turkish modern and contemporary art visible. Presenting the changes and transformations in the history of art through thematic and chronological approaches, the exhibition brings together artists from Turkey and different geographies whose works are displayed in the collection.

During the periodical exhibitions, it organizes conceptual exhibitions and retrospectives that include examples from modern and contemporary art of Turkey. It also hosts large-scale and international exhibitions that highlight current transformations in the field of visual arts.

Address: Kilic Ali Pasa Mahallesi, Tophane Iskele Caddesi No:1/1 34433 Beyoglu-Istanbul

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